Diabetes Educators

Diabetes Educators

Diabetes is a complex, long-term condition. Balancing your diet, activity levels and insulin requirements all day, every day can feel overwhelming at times.

Sometimes you are highly motivated to ‘get it right’ but at other times you may find yourself behaving as if your diabetes was not there. You can tell us how you’re really feeling and we’ll listen with empathy.

That is because we get it. We have counselled thousands of people with diabetes from kids to retirees, people just diagnosed to people who have lived with diabetes for decades. We know it is not easy.

At Chesed Medical and Surgical we are proud to have partnered up with Macintyre Health a group of credentialled diabetes educators and dietitians, to give you the support you need to manage your diabetes well and enjoy your life to the max. The close relationship between the Dr Algenes Aranha – endocrinologist specialist, Diabetes Educators and Dietitians provide one-on-one patient education and support – no matter where you live or where you are at with your condition.

Whether you have just been diagnosed or you are looking for ways to better manage your diabetes, we are here to help.