Telehealth Consultations

Telehealth Consultations

Firstly, let start with the basics and explain what Telehealth means.

Telehealth visits are virtual office visits that let you video chat with one of our doctors or allied health professionals. To be able to be in a telehealth appointment, a good internet connection, computer, tablet, or smartphone are the only things you will need.

Should you live in a remote area with no access to the internet, we advise you have the appointment from your GP clinic. Often GP clinics have a Telehealth set-up, and these can be used to connect you with your specialist or allied health professional at Chesed Medical.

At Chesed Medical and Surgical telehealth has become the greatest tool to streamline the connection between patients and our specialists. In fact, the majority of Chesed’s appointments are over Telehealth.

There are many apps that are available to have a telehealth appointment, we prefer Skype as it is well known and easy to use. You can have many different accounts with Skype; therefore, you have to make sure you provide us with your Skype ID for the one is set-up in your computer, tablet or smartphone.

On the day of your appointment make yourself available 10 minutes before the scheduled time and wait for the specialist to call you. Often happens that the appointment might start earlier or a small delay can also occur.

Our team is always available on the phone to take you through the steps of how-to set-up your Skype and test it before the appointment; therefore, please do not hesitate to call if you are have any issues setting up and using Skype.


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